Thursday, December 31, 2009

Forest resources

A forest resources is a renewable resources resources.In Nepal both forest and water is regarded as economic and cultural live of the people. Forest has direct and indirect benefits which provides to us.
Direct benefits
  • Sources of income and employment opportunities: Management of forest has carried out by government,community or individual generates income and employment opportunities for both both skilled and non-skilled workers.In rural areas of the families derive income from the collection of forest products.
  • Source of energy:Many energy used in Nepal comes from fuel wood.In the absence of coal,gas,oil etc people of Nepal burn fuel wood for heating and cooking.
  • Backbone of agriculture:The domestic animals in the rural areas depend upon agriculture.From the agriculture sector animals food come from the agriculture side. many of the rural areas of the people they totally depend on the agriculture and forest resources.from the forest people brings wood and animals food.people they sent their cattels to the forest for grazing.
Forest resources

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